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  • Rates are generally dependent on market indices.
  • Minimum funding amount is #10,000
  • xFUND investors will get 1% of their capitals every last day of the month (flat rate).
  • Fund deposited for minimum of 3months will yield 1.1% interest every last day of the month.
  • Fund deposited for minimum of 6months will yield 1.15% interest every last day of the month .
  • Fund deposited for minimum of 12months will yield 1.2% interest every last day of the month .
  • Investors can place a 2 weeks capital withdrawal notice when they need their fund and this will be credited to their bank account within the 15 working days.
  • Investors cannot operate multiple accounts using the same name.
  • Investors can not run parallel funds,
  • Investors will be required to use their official bank name on xFund.
  • Investors will be paid their interest (fortnightly) on 15th and last day of each month
  • Investors can decide to accumulate their interests.
  • New investors must complete a minimum of 15day cycle before first interest payment, either mid-month or month end, whichever comes first.
  • Our transfer-charges-free banks are GTBank, AccessBank and FirstBank.
  • Please note that payments to our account attracts 50naira stamp charge. You might want to add 50naira to your payment, to avoid debit when funding your account with us.
  • Contact support for the password of the protected pages after first funding is made.

Banker: Guarantee Trust Bank

Account Name: Xpino Systems Solutions

Account Number: 0477196810

Instruction: After making payment, send payment evidence, full name and phone number to hello@xfunds.com.ng or to 08063199218 (WhatsApp)